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The Westfield Eleven is a replica of the Lotus Eleven which was built and successfully raced by Lotus from 1956 to 1958. The Westfield replica was the first car built by Westfield Cars, which was to become better known for its Lotus 7 style cars. The original run of Westfield Elevens took place from about 1982 to 1986. Production was restarted in 2004, albeit with subtle modifications to the bodywork, and continues to this day. There are two bodystyles offered - with or without the "Le Mans" hump in the bodywork behind the driver's head.

Although the Westfield replica looks similar to the Lotus original, the chassis, suspension and powertrain are completely different. The Westfield chassis is designed to take parts from a Mk III MG Midget/Austin Healy Sprite, and the vast majority of Westfield Elevens are built in this way. The Spridget usually donates its engine (1275 A-series), gearbox (4-speed, although many people use a 5-speed Ford type-9 box) , back axle, propshaft (modified), brakes and wheels, gauges, wiring harness, radiator, battery, pedal box, fuel sender, steering rack and mounts and various suspension parts. The rest of the car, including chassis, is purchased new from Westfield.

Although this site is under development, it is intended that it will serve as a community site for owners and interested parties, and, potentially, as a register for Westfield Elevens and their owners.